The Pilgrim Archers

Venue: Anglo European School, Ingatestone

Welcome to our website which we hope you will find informative about the great sport of archery.

On this page we will give you some information about enrolling with us, or your nearest archery club. For beginners to archery, unfortunately, we do not have any Introduction courses planned in the near future.  However, you could visit the website of a local Essex archery retailer, in Rettendon, who run courses for beginners to the sport.  Their website address is

To find your nearest archery club just visit the Essex Archery website at select CLUBSat the top of the HOME page and it will reveal a list of clubs, their venues and contact details.

If you are an experienced archer or have a Certificate of Competence to prove that you have attended an Introduction to archery Course, and would like an application form to enrol with our club, please contact me, Iris Major, at the above email address.

During what we term the “SUMMER” season (between the middle of April until the middle of September) we meet on Sunday mornings at 10.00 am and can shoot into the afternoon until about 6 pm.   During this season we also meet on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6.00 pm until dusk.

During the “WINTER” season, (between the middle of September to mid-April) we meet at 10.30 am and shoot outdoors until about 2.00 pm. However, during about 7 or 8 Sunday mornings between October and March we hire the school’s Sports Hall where we shoot a County Indoor Postal League Competition between 10.00 am and 12.30pm. We make an additional charge for this indoor facility to cover the high cost of hiring the Sports hall. 

Our members enjoy shooting Recurve bows and/or Longbows but I should mention that we do not shoot Compound bows at this venue. This is a relatively new website, which is still work in progress, but you are welcome to browse to find out more about us.